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Dear Brother

My regards to a friend of Narendra Modi, Barak Obama, Putin Vladimir, AnandiBen Patel, etc.
At this occasion, when you have got your own iPad I think to write you a letter. Not only because you have got it, actually I wanted to write it to you earlier, since you have decided to study science at home.

Let me accept that to choose science over any other areas, is a good choice. Through this, you will able to explore the wonderful world of mathematics and science. Once you understand it properly, you will surely enjoy it.

Now, you are going to be 16 soon, so I am going to be little frank with you. I am not sure that I am worthy enough to tell you about life and lessons, but still let me tell you.

Enjoy your school life. In fact, every part of life is golden life, So school life. You have got 2 years of this school life. Make friends, not only male friends also have female friends. Enjoy moments, Make memories. Have a treasure of memories inside your heart.

You will come in contact with lot of people through this phase and you will make lot of friends too, but it is truth that from all of your friends, there will be only three OR two OR may be only single friend, whom you trust, with whom you can share all of your secrets without a fear of getting judged, with whom you can cry with all your heart, with whom you can laugh with all your madness. That friend can be male OR female, gender does not matter. And also admit the truth that friends leave. At one certain stage, you have to leave them because of some reasons. Memories are the one which lasts forever. You have to learn that something will always remain left/undone. And it’s all okay.

Understand and follow your priorities. Maybe this will be a new word for you, in Gujarati, it means પ્રાથમિકતા. In life, we all need to learn it, and if you don’t learn it by yourself, life teaches it to us. But when life teaches it, it is always as a hard lesson. When you miss your priorities, you miss many things. કે જેની જાણ થોડી મોડી થતી હોય છે.

Priorities matters. Like, on vacation, you were used to playing cricket for 3-4 hours, when study starts, you stopped to go for playing. So here too, you give priority to your study over playing. So, learn it. It will help you a lot to archive your goal. તું જાતે નક્કી કર તારી પ્રાથમિકતા.

Remember that, in life, you will make mistakes, you will become sad, you will feel sorry about it. and it’s okay. That’s the life. Give yourself a second chance. Making new mistakes is the beautiful thing. but you need to learn from it, and you have to correct it. Sachin Tendulkar played 664 matches, and he made 100 centuries, but he also lost his wicket at 99 for 28 times, also returned back to the pavilion at zero for 34 times. So don’t lose your hope.

Don’t keep a load of regrets and sorrows with yourself. It reduces your strength. Be free.

Make good habits.

And read, anything-everything.



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