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“Purani Jeans”- RJ Sayema

          It was starting of my BE. I had not brought my laptop to my room, so basically only option remain for listening music is phone. But there too was a bad of my luck. I don’t even have memory card in it!!!

            In between those bad lucks, I used to listen songs on Radio, like people of 80’s OR 90’s. One usual Saturday evening, I was turning radio frequency from one to another for some good songs, suddenly a beautiful, astonishing voice of a female RJ chanting Gazal which I read somewhere earlier stopped me. The surrounding went silent for me, I was listening her with all my heart, like flow of her words were directly reaching to my heart, Not via ear.

            On very next day, I was ready for her program “Purani jeans”, in that program, and I got to listen “Meri diary ka ek page”.

            Touched, I have fell for her voice. After that Gazal, I have listened her whole program including advertisements. During that program she mentioned that she used to upload that gazal on her Facebook page.

            And then a journey started. I reached at her FB Page, listen most of her earlier collection of audios. I used to check her page every day. Most of her Gazals and Nazm were written by Nida fazli, Gulzar, Bashir Badr, Parveen shakir, Ahmed Faraz, Qatil Shifai, Munir Niazi and many other Poets and GazalKar. So obviously the words too were miraculous and marvelous, and when that words come from voice of Sayema, they get power mesmerize any Gazal lover.

Picture downloaded from her facebook page
Picture downloaded from her facebook page

            Later, she used to narrate stories “Phir kya hua” in place of Gazal. Some of them were good, but it could not make a touch like Gazal. But still, when I listen her voice, till this moment, surrounding become silent. And flow of a miraculous voice pour my heart.

Visit her Soundcloud Profile and Facebook Page. You will love it.


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