Brand consciousness  

It was a sweaty afternoon of close may, I was returning from my college completing my examination. It was really very hot noon, perhaps hottest till then. Backside of my shirt almost splashed and flushed from my own salt-water run off across my skin. I forgot to put a cap in my college bag, so all the game was now on side of Sun. I was walking towards my room finding every little shed to hide from flames radiated by sun. I think perhaps sun was targeting me.

No one was around. Even not a dog! Every windows of every house were closed, and so all doors. I could hear rustling leafs striking by heat waves and humming outer unit of air conditioners. Cars were parked along road sides, even if they were parked right on road, it did not matter. “Am I single person in this town?” I thought.

I felt like I was walking nearby a furnace or something. May be Angelina Jolie, Scarlete Johnson and Jennifer Lawrence are hot, but they are nothing against of this afternoon. I could see mirage heaving over road, Like reflection of life. “Ohh, Please god, Get me home as fast as you can, and I will visit the temple nearby my home, I swear.”-I prayed. Perhaps all those thought peeping out from my mind were because of heating, like our smartphone.

After little while, I could see my society, and I sigh, “Just few steps ahead.”-I compensate myself. There were many cars parked under trees, I looked at New BMW. “wow, she too is hot!” and all specification of this new model start running through my mind. It had a new pattern of their wheels. Car was really shining in light. Suddenly a dog came behind the car, picked his one leg up, settled in position and pissed off. Ha ha ha. “They does not care about brands like us.”- Thought I, and entered in my home.


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