Artist behind art-“Sairat”

“Watching Marathi movie might be odd.” I would have said if someone had asked me before I came to know about Sairat. Well, I know that I am not sole person who have seen this movie, even without knowing Marathi. Thanks for subtitles!

Lot of people have said, write and praise this movie. Personally I don’t like all that Happy-ending type movie, because every event of life has not happy ending. We know that each person has his/her own story, and out of that “Each person” how much of us have beautiful happy endings? Not everyone got that luck. And that’s why I like movie with some critics. Life or an incident of life never always end happily. Also it never always has a bad or brutal or tearful end.

Sairat” has that real story. I have seen that movie twice. First time with alone, and second time with my roommate. When I was watching movie for second time, I took off my ear-phone and got off from room. My friend asked, “Don’t you want to complete?”

“Nope, I know how the movie end up, you carry on.” I replied.

Apart from writing about movie, let us talk about its director- Nagraj Patrao Manjule.

After completing movie, I search his name on youtube and found his interview with Rinku Rajyguru(Actress of “Sairat”) on Film Companion.

He has shared all his story behind screen and how he came up to “Sairat”, But above all, something that mesmerised me was his simplicity and his down to earth being.

Even now when he is getting tremendous amount of responses from fans, and actors across marathi cinema, he is taking rest, switching off his mobile phone.

When Anupama Chopra asked him that how will he going to deal with charismatic situation, now it will be big challange to shape new movie which can get such response.

“It is not necessary that I can make better movie than sairat, Sairat came, and will off. I too have learned so much as a director, so I will try to be better as individual. So all I can do is to try my best to mold something better.”- Said Nagraj.



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