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Moonlight: In moonlight black boys look blue

Music Begins.
Violin and the piano start shedding pain over the scene that film has portrayed. After about a minute or two, the film takes you in, that this emotional tendering music cut you through and shattered you into a pieces.
And then, music fades, leaving you speechless, thoughtless, stunned into a melancholy.
MoonLight is a simple story of an introvert, less talking boy, Charon, whom people call by Little. Mahershala Ali’s expressions and acting are just… Oh, I don’t have a proper word for it. (He won Oscar for supporting role)

Charon’s acting is spontaneous. It deeply holds you in the film. Like this scene.


In one scene, when Little, Juan (Mahershala Ali) and Teresa (Juan’s girlfriend) were sitting on a dining table, taking. Little asks, “Do you sell drugs?”
“Yes,” Juan replies.
“My Mama, she do drugs, right?”
“Yaa,” Juan says.
Little stands-up and leave the room. Juan’s (Mahershala Ali) woe in which he was could be felt from his face. I love his acting.

In another scene, when teenage Charon came back to his home from school, his Mom asks him for money to by drugs. When Charon denied of having money, she started checking his pockets and pants so hurriedly and so aggressively. It shakes you from the roots.

The film shows three stage of protagonist’s life, Young, Teenage, and Adult. All of them were done by the different actors, but you can never feel any different in them.

Drug menace is a serious issue. How much deeply it can drown you is just above any explanation.

The camera work is also amazing. Director Berry Jenkins has turned a simple story into a deeply engaging movie, which leaves it deep impact on my mind.

A tragic end may make story amazing, but stories do not always need to have a tragic end.

P.S.: I am in love with Janelle Monae.

(Picture Source: Google Image)


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