Journey of three heavy hearts: TVF Tripling

Chandan’s father was telling him to live in present and cherish it.
“But, Mujhe Maza Nahi aa Raha.(I am not cherishing life.)” Chandan said, “I feel cold.”
“Then, cover yourself with shawl.” His father said.
“This was simple.” he said.
“Most things are.” said his father.

TVF Tripling is one of the amazing and wonderful piece of art. Art would be very small word for it. This web series is larger than LIFE. I have never seen such a web series.

Story, music, acting, diolouges, locations- Everything is just at its best.

If you search in YouTube, you will find tons of web series around. Some of them are Good, some are Okay and some are scrap and waste of time. But TVF Tripling is just amazing.

The plot is simple Three sibling, Chanchal, Chitvan and Chanchal, two boys with her sisters make a long trip and goes through various situation which even leads them to jail. They talk craps to each other, they cry, they shares their dirty secretes but they important thing is that they love.

It is not just a road trip, it is a journey of three heavy hearts.

(Hurry up. Search it on a YouTube. Full series is available on TVFPlay app which is downloadable from App Store)


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