Welcome to Till the infinite…

This blog is amalgam of my own views, experiences, work. So primary source of content is basically ME. Whenever I have took few lines or point from somewhere else, I have mentioned the sources accordingly.

As the blog titled, content of the blog is far away from any boundaries, or genres. I have posted letters, speeches and sessions I have attended. You will find few poetry too.

If you have any issues with any post of mine, feel free to contact me. You can mention it in comment box or write me a direct Email/ (Mentioned at end of this post)

I would love to have feedback, so slaps and claps will be accept wholeheartedly. Whenever it comes to a feedback, few lines from Gazal of Navaj Devabandi( नवाज़ देवबंदी) knock in my mind that read:

सफ़र में मुश्किलें आएँ तो जुर्रत और बढ़ती है
कोई जब रास्ता रोके तो हिम्मत और बढ़ती है
मेरी कमज़ोरियों पर जब कोई तनक़ीद करता है
वो दुशमन क्यों न हो उस से मुहव्बत और बढ़ती है

(तनक़ीद-Review, Critic)

Disclaimer: Details mentioned below are about the boring person who own this blog, you may not like him !

About ME.

My name is Keval, full name Keval Gohil.

A creature of universe.

I read. I read about everything. Although I love the fiction most, I read non-fiction too. As Albert Dada has said,

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”
― Albert Einstein

Voltaire has said something similar,

“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”

I love movies and music. To be specific, my favourite movie directors are Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron, Ben Afflect, Vishal Bhardwaj, Imtiaz Ali, Rajkumar Hirani and many other whose name I do not remember.

In music, Hans Zimmer is on top. A R Rahman is right behind him. Although, I do not acquire any knowledge of tunes, I like listening Mozart, Beethovan, Vivaldi. I basically like all kind of music. When it comes to music, I possess no language barriers. Recently I am leaning towards Fusion.

I like wandering around and want to travel as far as and as long as possible. After all if life was meant to be lived under a single roof, why would God create such a beautiful world? (Baat Sahi hai na? )

I am lazy a bit, All alone by myself, and still alive! May be modest by nature. I prefer to listen more that to talk.

I am currently pursuing engineering in field of પાનાં-પેચ્યા.(Words borrowed from Seju :P), I mean mechanical in Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Rajkot. Since two year, I am living in Rajkot.

I have received my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Sir BhavsinhJi Polytechnic, Bhavnagar. (ભાવેણા-નગરી 😊)

English is my second language, so you might find grammatical mistakes. (Sorry for that, I am trying to improve it.)

I write for myself. I am posting it over here is another thing. Even if I would not be posting, I would be writing in personal diary.

Thank you.

Contact: gkeval98@gmail.com


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