Poetry, Quote


As Bukowski has written,

“I have never been lonely, I am the best form of entertainment I have.”

I have also felt the same over the period of time.

Like, in weekends, when everyone from my room go to pay visit to their home, I stay in, all alone in my room, surrounded by Laptop and Books.

These are the moments that I love to cherish. Being me is the best thing. Being alone is even better, it is a blessing.


A raging war…


Little smile…

I can not fake a smile,
if I don’t feeling anything deep down inside.

Emotions should be spontaneous.
If not the every other feelings,
at least
This little smile.

It should be.



“All the hardships

a person had to face

none was more punishing than

the simple act of waiting.”

– Khaled Hosseini, The thousand splendid suns, Pg-124


Arguing with nature

Have you heard anywhere

a sprout arguing with nature for not letting it blossom


complaining about bad weather ?

Nope, Absolutely not.

It is us, human being

who have issue/ argue/ problem

with almost everything

we have.