Through The Dark

Film: Gone Baby Gone (2007)

When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world. He told me what God said to his children. “You are ship among wolves, be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

(Dialogue of Detective Patrick Kenzie at the very beginning of movie.)

THE STORY Starts with media surrounded by the mother whose child was abducted. The film probed through the primary investigation of police along with the hired detective team comprises of young couple played by Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan They came to know that the mother of abducted child is drug addict also involved in drug dealings accompanied by her boyfriend.

Story revolve around the couple investigating the case even after that case was get close accepting the girl drowned into a river.

The STORY has many versions changing with person to person. At one point of the film you blame one person for what you think as his wrongdoings, few minutes later another person comes into picture and explains the reason of one’s actions, and you suddenly start to feel sympathy toward first person. After few minutes, the second person clarify why he supported this actions which are illegal as far as the jury and constitution is concerned.



Senior Officer Jack Doyle: We don’t know why people do what they do. Everybody looks out his own window.


Detective Patrick Kenzie: And everyone’s got their reasons.

Director Ben Affleck has portraited the grey shades of ethics which deeply moved me. The last scene leaves you completely speechless, and you lost into the labyrinth of what is right and what is wrong. What should be done.

While the song “In the darkness” was playing in background, Tears started flowing through my eyes leaving me dumbstruck.

He Named Me Malala

If you ask some motivation-addict that what is the difference in being average and being extraordinary? They would say-“Just a few steps across comfort zone is what makes you extraordinary.” Wow, That sounds cheerful for a moment. But how would it be if there is a group of terrorists asking for you, and would able to shoot you dead? And in that situation, when that fanatic extremist asks about you, you speak out to save other people, “Yes, I am the one.” This needs enormous courage within. It is not just a few steps ahead of the comfort zone, It very far off the comfort zone. It is not possible just by those lifeless motivations you find on youtube.

One ordinary day, two men stopped the school van of Khushal School, Swat Valley, in which Malala Yousafzai, was travelling back to home, They opened the rear door, their face covered under a handkerchief. One of them asked, “Who is Malala?” Few girls fix their eyes on the only girl with an uncovered face. Few seconds passed in silence. The masked man placed his target with that revolver you would see old Bollywood movies,-Colt 45. Stillness shattered by 3 successive bullets of that gun.

Autobiography of Malala, “I Am Malala.” starts with scene of shooting, following by her birth and tell behind her name.

In the documentary on Malala, “He named me Malala” director Davis Guggenheim has showed that tell very beautifully with animation of Malalai of Maiwand, who encouraged the people of Afghan to fight against British invaders, and turned around losing battle. Afghan won that bettle, but Malalai got shoot, the flag in her hand.

History might have different without that one girl- Malalai of Maiwand.  They won that bettle because of passionate word she had spoken in that lame time. Male may be the maculline gender, but it must be the rich and stronge hearts of feminines gender who helped them to stand up.

The book follows the history of Pastuns and Pakistans. The eras of dicatatorships by Fanatic Army Generals, how polititions turned them down when Taliban took over Swat Velley.

Things started changing after Zia-ul Haq took power after coup at the tail of 1970, but situation worsen with Russia’s invasion on afghan. People of Pakistan sent their sons off the border to fight against invaders on the name of religion. They even bestowed their jewllery and money on the name of Islam, but what did/does the Taliban do with those money is not unveiled now. They first persuaded the poor(Not in materialistic manner) people of villages showing their their aim to protect the religion, and later when they became stronge enough to sustain any counter action, they enforced their non-sence rules on people.

They burned TVs and Cassettes to which they consider as the origin of sin. They banned all kind of entertainment. Instead of that they allowed radio. They basically hate western culture, It is funny that all those Pistols, Kalasnikovs, RPGs, Radios, truck and car were invented by western people. Mikhail Kalashnikov, Nikolaus Otto, Rudolf Diesel, Guglielmo Marconi, not even single person was Pakistani or Afghan. They were all from the western people.

Taliban started blast off school buildings saying that girls need not to learn anything, and boys must join Madrasas. They started flogging people publicly for their sin. They were self-proclaimed protectors of religion. It was dehumanized act, flogging females in public. Religions are for maintaining peace, not to disrupt tranquality. You just take glimpse of all countries facing humanitarian crisis, you will find that females and their children have to bear all this pain, sometimes because their husbund got shoot or killed in some kind suiside bombs.

As Malala mentioned in documentary “Education was a threat to them. Education gives you power to question things. The power to challenge things. To be independent.” Those hypocrate Mullahs knew that if people would get education, they will not remain silent.

Once a reporter asked Malala, “Who would you have been if you were just an ordinary girl from the Swat Valley?”

“If I was an ordinary girl in Swat Valley… I am still an ordinary girl.  But If I had an ordinary father and an ordinary mother and a conservative family… then I would have two children now. So this would have been my future. You would have seen Malala sitting with her two babies.” Malala replied.

Ziauddin Yousafzai, Father of Malala, was among the people who had spoken out against Taliban. Malala followed his footsteps. In documentary, he has said,

“If you keep a silent, then you lose the right to exist.”

Malala initially started writing blog on BBC Urdu with pseudonym Gul Makai, later she started speaking publicly. Everyone believed, including her parents that Taliban would never come for a girl, but they were wrong. Malala has said once, “

“Who was the person who shot Malala?” asked Guggenheim, Director of the documentary to Ziauddin.

“It was not a person. It was an ideology.” said Ziauddin.

Chapter 21 and 22, both are very emotional. Tears popped out in corner of eyes while going through these two chapters. Both the chapter contains event took place after she got shoot.

When she got shoot, the entire would was praying for her. People wishes her for long life and fast recoveries, but there was also a negative impression in some people’s mind. Some said It was publicity stunt, some said it was against of Islam, some accused her for not unveiling her face.

Now, it does not matter what they said, Nobel committee selected her as a winner of Peace Prize along with Kailash Satyarthi in 2014. Now, the light follows her footsteps, unresolved issues are being reviewed.

“It is so hard to get things done in this world. You try, and too often it doesn’t work.  But you have to continue, and you never give up.” she said once.

Name:  I Am Malala
Writer: Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb
Publication: Weidenfelf & Nicolson, London
Pages: 276
Price: ‎₹ 399/-
ISBN: 978-0-2978-7092-0

Name: He Named Me Malala
Director: Davis Guggenheim

Useful Link:
Malala Fund
BBC Urdu Blog

Being action junky, I always asked my self a question, whenever I write about such a situation, “What I have ever done to change the situation?” I completed the book since 15 days. But I was waiting for the answer. I did not find right answer I felt that at least writing on such a issue is also a step ahead, and so I picked up laptop and stared typing…




લિટરેચર માટેનું નોબેલ પ્રાઇઝ કોઇ એક પુસ્તક કે સર્જન માટે નથી અપાતું નથી, છતા જ્યાં હર્મન હેસનો ઉલ્લેખ થાય ત્યાં તેમની 1922માં પ્રકાશિત થયેલી નવલકથા “સિદ્ધાર્થ”નો ઉલ્લેખ જોવા મળે જ.

“સિદ્ધાર્થ” એ સ્પિરીચ્યુઅલ ફિકશન  જેનરમાં ગણાય, એમાં ‘સ્વ’થી પર થવાની, મોહ-માયા ત્યાગવાની વાતો છે, પણ એમાં સામાન્ય માનવીય લાગણીઓ ને નકારવામાં નથી આવી. પુસ્તકમાં બે સિદ્ધાર્થ છે, એક સિદ્ધાર્થ નવલકર્થાનો નાયક અને બીજા સિદ્ધાર્થ સ્વ્યં ગૌતમ બુદ્ધ, અને બન્નેને જોડતુ બુદ્ધત્વ.

નવલકથા ચારેક સ્થળો સાથે વીંટળાયેલી છે. એક સિદ્ધાર્થનું પોતાનું ગામ, ત્યાથી દુર આવેલુ વન, નદીનો કિનારો અને પાસેની ઝુપડી, અને શહેર.

સિદ્ધાર્થનો વાસુદેવ સાથે નો સંવાદ, અને ગોવિંદ સાથેનો સંવાદ પરમ તત્વની અને શાંતીની શોધ વિશે હોવા છતા એમાં ભાર નથી તથા એ સામાન્ય માનવીય લાગણીઓથી પર નથી. નવલકથામાં સિદ્ધાર્થ એ બુદ્ધના સમયનો કોઇ યુવાન છે, પણ એ આજના યુથને આકર્ષિત કરી શકે એવો એટિટ્યુડ ધરાવે છે. એ શરુઆતથી જ થોડો અલગ જણાઇ આવે છે. પરંતુ એની પાસે જ્ઞાન છે પણ અનુભુતિ નથી. એ જાણે ઘણુ બધુ પણ એને કશુ સ્પર્શતુ નથી. આ પરિસ્થીતીથી નવલકથાની શરુઆત થાય છે. એ પછી નવલકથામાં એમ્બિશન્સ, વ્યસન, લાલચ, હતાશા, જીવનના એક તબક્કે આવતા સ્યુસાઇડલ થોટ્સ, પ્રેમ, પ્રેમની ઝંખના આ બધુ જ છે.

પહેલા ચેપ્ટરના અંતે નોટમાં દીપક સોલિયાએ ઉલ્લેખ કરેલ મા-બાપ અને સંતાન, ધનુષ અને તિરની વાત પણ રીમાર્કેબલ છે. ખલિલ જિબ્રાને ‘ધ પ્રોફેટ’માં લખેલી વાત સરસ રીતે દીપકભાઇએ લખી છે. (મેં જ્યારે ‘ધ પ્રોફેટ’ પહેલી વખત વાંચેલી ત્યારે તો જિબ્રાનનો આ બોલ બાઉન્સ થયેલો, ફરી જ્યારે રોજર અલર્સે ડાયરેક્ટ કરેલી એનિમેટેડ મુવી ‘ધ પ્રોફેટ’ જોઇ ત્યારે સમજાયું કે ખલિલબાપુ કયા તિર અને ધનુષ વિશે કે’તાતા.) તથા ચમત્કારો વિશેની વાતો પણ ખુબ લોજિકલ છે.

અહિંયા શેર કરવા લાયક ઘણું બધું છે પુસ્તકમાં, પણ એ ક્વોટ સાથેની પરિસ્થીતી વિશે લખીશતો શક્ય છે રાઝ રાઝ ન રહે. આ કોઇ થ્રિલર નોવેલ નથી કે અંત ખબર પડી જાય તો વાંચવાની મજા બગડી જાય, છતા એ સ્પોઇલ કરવાનો ગુનો હું નહિં કરુ. છતા આ ગમતીલું વાક્ય તો લખીશ જ.

“માણસ જ્યારે શોધે છે ત્યારે સ્વાભાવિક છે કે એને એ જ દેખાવાનું જેને એ શોધી રહ્યો છે. પછી એને કશું મળતું નથી. એ કશું પામી શકતો નથી શકતો, કારણ કે એનું તો બધુ ધ્યાન એને જે ચીજ જોઇએ છે તેના પર ચોંટેલું હોય છે. શોધવું એટલે શું? એ જ કે એક લક્ષ્ય હોવું. પરંતુ પામવું એટલે શુંં? પામવું એટલે મુક્ત હોવું, ચીજોને આવકારવા માટે ખુલ્લા હોવું. લક્ષ્યવીહોણાં હોવું.”

“જ્ઞાન આપી(વિચાર) શકાય, પણ સમજદારી(અનુભવ) ન આપી શકાય.”


“સિદ્ધાર્થ” મુળ જર્મન ભાષામાં લખાયેલી છે. એના ઘણા બધા ભાષંતરો થયા છે. ગુજરાતીમાં પણ આ પુસ્તકનુંં અનુવાદ અગાઉ રવીન્દ્ર ઠાકોર અને અલ્કેશ પટેલ દ્વારા થઇ ચુક્યો છે. એ બધા સારા અનુવાદ હશેજ, પણ દિપક સોલિયાની કોમેંટરી સાથે આવું આધ્યાત્મ વાંચવાની મજા છે, એ એમાં નહિ હોય એટલુ તો શ્યોર છે.

Book-સિદ્ધાર્થ-એક ક્લાસિક કૃતિ
Original writer- હર્મન હેસ
Narrettion-દીપક સોલિયા
Publisher-સાર્થક પ્રકાશન
Price- ‎130 ‎₹


કરચલી ભર્યા કપાળ અને
ધ્રુજે સતત આ હાથ છતા,
એકલો દોટ મુકું હું ઘરમાં
આજ ફરી મેં બાળપણ ભાળ્યું.

પાટી-દફ્તર, ફેંકી ને ભાગી.
જોઇ નથી ને સિસોટી માંગી.
બુમ-બરાડા બપોરે પાડતા,
શેરી આખીને અમે જગાડતા.

જો કોઇ લઇ આવે ફરિયાદ,
હું કરતો દાદીને યાદ,.
ખોળામાં માથુ રાખી હું રડતો,
સાચા હોવાની જીદ્દ હું કરતો.

ગર્જના સમો દાદી નો અવાજ.
મોટાને સન્માન, એવો રિવાજ.
ખુશી મને હરક્ષણ દેખાતી,
આકાશમાં કિકિયારી ફેલાતી.

જુના ફોટામાં નાનપણ ભાળ્યું.
આજ ફરી મેં બાળપણ ભાળ્યું.

~ ~ ~

काश मैं आज स्कूल ना जाता,

Apart from national security and international politics, when it comes to arts and creativity like songs, gazals and poems, I have always been fascinated by writer and singers of Pakistan. Singers like Abeeda Parveen, Farida Khanum, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nayyara Noor and many writers like Muhammad Iqbal, Qateel Shifai, “Faiz”, Ahmed Faraz have done magnificent work in their field, and gave us a treasure to live with. To cherish human emotions with their words and soulful voices.

Today, while listening Pakistani songs on youtube, I got suggestion of heart rendering poem which was about one of the deadliest attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan two years back. It was an unfortunate day for 132 innocent children of Army Public Schools and also for entire human race.

Those innocent children, When they had waved their hands saying “good bye” to their mothers, whose mothers would have thought that it were last glimpses of their children’s lively faces? Who would have thought that steps their children taking towards school would be one-way journey? Who would have thought that the school dresses they were wearing will be torn apart with bloodshed on it? It is even unbearable to think about such a brutal act. But some coward, stone hearten terrorists made this fatal thoughts reality.

On this incident someone has written a woeful poem, which was recited on Pakistani news channel name Ary News.

माँ काश मैं आज स्कूल ना जाता,
शायद तुम्हे फिर से देख पाता

तेरी आवाज़ सुनने को कान तरस रहे है 
देखोना माँ बारूदों के गोले बरस रहे है

सारे बच्चे अपनी अपनी माँ को पुकार रहे है
माँ ये लोग हमें क्यों मार रहे है

टिफिनमें दी तुम्हारी रोटी भी नहीं खाई है
माँ आज गोलियोंने हमारी भूख मिटाई है 

पापासे कहना अब मुझे स्कुल लेने ना आये 
देख नहीं पाऊंगा उन्हें मेरा जनाजा उठाये 

मेरे जानेसे अपना हौसला मत खोना
माँ मुझसे बिछड़ कर तुम मत रोना 

मेरे खिलोने, मेरी किताबे, मेरा बस्ता,
जानता हु तेरी आंखे देखती रहेगी रोज़ मेरा रास्ता

भैयासे कहना उसका साथी रूठ गया है,
बचपनका हमारा साथ छूट गया है

अप्पीसे कहना मेरे लिए आंसू ना बहाये 
रोज़ मेरी तस्वीर को छोटा सा फूल चढ़ाये

तेरी यादोमें, ख्वाबोमें, झिक्रमें, रह जाऊँगा,
माँ में अब कभी वापस नहीं आऊँगा।
माँ में अब कभी वापस नहीं आऊँगा।

It would have been impossible to weight off their heart who have lost their loved ones in this incident. It is very cheap words on such woe, but still I would pray for their soul, May they rest in peace.


  • It would be bias to classify creativity and arts with specific nation. I have mentioned those names as a remark of Pakistan’s wide contribution in Gazals and Singing.
  • Today, while I was writing this post, a friend of mine informed me about recent terror attack on Indian Army battalion administrative office, Uri-Jammu and Kashmir in which 17 Indian Army Jawaan were martyred. It is our poor luck that we have to face such atrocities. Every such terror attack anywhere in this world brings scar on human race. May those 17 martyr who lived for nation and gave their life protecting us rest in peace.
  • The weapons recovered from terrorists have Pakistani marking as per officials.
    Pakistan has became terror heaven since last decade. They must stop their double standards on terrorism, and stop feeding them.)